NHL Center Ice Free in January

NHL_CenterIce_1While many fans are happy that the NHL season gets under way today, other fans are still upset about the lockout. Rightfully so. Those fans are looking for an apology that goes above and beyond the NHL’s most recent one-page ad in newspapers saying that they are sorry; they want something free. What may be a a small consolation, but still an apology nonetheless, NHL Center Ice will be free for the month of January.

NHL Center Ice is a TV subscription package that allows you to watch all the NHL games you ever wanted. While most fans only have the luxury of seeing their local market in addition to nationally televised games on NBC Sports, those who purchase NHL Center Ice can view televised games from other markets.

NHL Center Ice typically offers a trial subscription period where you receive the service for a period of time. While just under two weeks time may not seem like much, from January 19th to January 31st, the condensed NHL season will provide a lot of games. You can watch up to 40 games per week.

What is perhaps even better is, that if you fall in love with the NHL all over again and want to purchase the remainder of the regular season, the cost is around the fifty-dollar mark. Those who have television providers that are in the inDEMAND market will pay just $49.99 for the remainder of the season, and those who have DirectTV will be charged slightly more at $59.96.

Sure, we all would have loved for the NHL to give us NHL Center Ice for free, but all things considered, a free trial period and an option to purchase the remainder of the season for around fifty-dollars, it truthfully is a bargain of a deal for the sport we love.

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  1. I think they took half the season away they could give us Center Ice for the year..

    One month feels like they are trying to shaft me again

    Just my feeling

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