Sedin Twins work their magic to set up Zach Kassian

Prior to the start of this season, Vancouver Canucks forward Zach Kassian only had four goals on his resume in less than 50 games in the NHL.

In four games this season, Kassian already has three goals. And that comes in large part due to the fact that Kassian has seen plenty of time working on Vancouver’s top line with the Sedin Twins.

Henrik and Daniel Sedin have been driving defenseman crazy for years with their uncanny ability to make outstanding plays that only twins could execute. And the third forward on their line always seems to be the lucky beneficiary who simply needs to find himself open with his stick on the ice and ready for when Henrik or Daniel slips him the puck.

Canucks coach Alain Vigneault mildly called out the Sedin Twins earlier this week, saying that the 32-year-olds are “trying to find their rhythm.” Well, the day after that comment was made the twins seemed to find plenty of rhythm in this highlight-reel play, which sees Henrik Sedin make a no-look, between-the-legs pass to brother Daniel, who casually slips the puck around the defenseman and across the crease to a wide-open Kassian, who has no problem finding the back of the net. Check out the entire play in the video below:





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