Alec Rauhauser Incredible Backhand Michigan Move Goal

While this type of goal doesn’t have an official name, we all typically know it as the Michigan Move. It was introduced by Mike Legg of the Michigan Wolverines during a NCAA Tournament game against Minnesota. Legg allegedly learned the move from former NHL player Bill Armstrong. Others who are familiar with the goal might call it “lacrosse style,” or perhaps another name by the younger players.

Regardless of the name, the goal remains the same and it’s filthy anytime someone pulls it off in a game. The latest star to pull off this move is Alec Rauhauser of Century High. In a game against rival school Bismark High, Rauhauser picked up the puck behind the net and stood unchallenged. With some quick thinking, he scooped the puck up on his backhand and threw it in the net over the opposing goalies right shoulder.

Check out the video below of Alec Rauhauser’s incredible goal and leave us your thoughts in the comments!


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