Budweiser Red Light

LABATT BREWERIES OF CANADA - Budweiser injects more celebrationAs an American, there are a few things I wish I lived in Canada for. The healthcare, going to bars to watch not local but all the hockey games, and now, the Budweiser Red Light.

Budweiser, the King of Beers, brings Canadians only, an in home goal light. The light connects to your Wi-fi network. After connecting to the internet, you download either an Android or iPhone application to choose what teams you root for. And the beauty of the light, when your favorite team is on and they score, the red light flicks on in celebration.

The light is being marketed with Ron Kovacs, a fictional Montreal native who loves the game. Ron tried to go pro, but as Budweiser says, “…but unfortunately his on-ice talent could not match his passion. That, coupled with two major knee surgeries, rendered Ron’s life as a hockey player officially over.”

He still stuck with hockey though, becoming a handyman by day and a goal judge by night. He was eventually phased out of being a goal judge as technology took over. Still, his passion ensued, and he thought of a great idea, “…Red Lights in homes that go off any time your favorite city scores a goal!”

Ron began making his vision happen and installed lights in local homes, eventually Budweiser approached Ron to take his passion to a larger level, bringing the Red Light to Canada. The light goes for $149.00 plus tax and can be ordered through Budweiser’s Canada website.

Oh how I wished I lived in Canada. Hopefully Budweiser will bring the Red Light to the States, or I may have to find a way to smuggle one across the border.


    • I wish the same thing. I think the best bet is to hire a Canadian to pre-order one and smuggle it across the border. From there, hope the application works and does not have GPS. Hopefully it comes to the U.S. sometime soon because it would be cool to have.

  1. I cancelled my order and they confirmed my order was cancelled. But three weeks later this company has still not refunded my money. Very untrustworthy in my experience and I am still out my mondy.

  2. I just got my Red Light today. I live in Los Angeles and had it mailed to my buddies house in Ontario. The problem now is that the app is only available to Canadian’s. The app doesn’t even show up on the app store for the US. I can switch to the Canadian app store and when it pops up it doesn’t allow me to download it. I called AT&T to see if I can upgrade my service or something. They kept me on hold for about 5 minutes while they contacted Apple. When they got back on the line all they had was bad news. Unfortunately there is no way I can get the app unless it becomes available to the US in the future. So for now all I have is a really cool light but it wont work.

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