Anaheim Ducks Extend Contract to Goalie Viktor Fasth

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images
Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

The Anaheim Ducks are off to a hot start this season, largely in part to rookie net-minder Viktor Fasth. In a sign of appreciation, among other things, the Ducks have signed Fasth to a two-year, $5.8 million contract extension.

In eight games started this season, Fasth has recorded a perfect 8-0-0. Recording only 16 goals against, he currently posts the six best goals against average with a 1.78 and the seventh best save percentage with .933. His impeccable record, including a shut-out against the Colorado Avalanche where he faced 31 shots, makes him a bargain of a deal.

“You always try to do your best and play your best, try to help the team as much as you can,” Fasth said in a phone interview with TSN. “That’s what I’ve been trying to focus on, and that’s what I have to keep doing, to do my part.”

Fasth, at 30-years of age, hails from Sweden. He was signed to be the backup to starter Jonas Hiller, but has seen ice-time due to Hiller recovering from a lower body injury. His signing came to a measly $1 million, and with his extension to avoid him becoming an unrestricted free agent, will be paid $2.4 million in next year, and $3.4 million the year after that. Simply put, Fasth has maximized his opportunity to not only play in the NHL for seasons to come, but making decent money doing so.

When Hiller returns to full health, Anaheim will have two competing goalies for that full-time role. While it is uncertain if one of them will become dominant, taking most of the starts, it is plausible they could move to a two-goalie system like the St. Louis Blues. Last year the Blues relied on both Jaroslav Halak and Brian Elliot, who combined, posted a stellar 1.78 goals against average and a .932 save percent with 49 wins. They also contributed to 15 shutouts.

Regardless of how the goalies play out in Anaheim, off to a 12-2-1 start and currently leading the Pacific Division by 6 points, the Ducks have surprised the NHL community and becoming a potential Stanley Cup Contender. With the extension of Fasth, the team could very well be such a contender for years to come.





3 responses to “Anaheim Ducks Extend Contract to Goalie Viktor Fasth”

  1. JP Avatar

    That is an absolutely ridiculous contract. Not to take anything away from what he has done but $5.8 million for being evaluated on 8 games at 30yrs old is overpaying. What if the guy loses his next 8 games, then how good does that look. Back in ’09 Antti Niemi was 26 and won a Stanley Cup and he wasn’t getting paid that much next season because he was only being evaluated on 1 years work. You never know if they can sustain that early success. I wonder if any overpaid contracts to mediocre players that the owners didn’t want to finish paying out had anything to do with the lockout this season?

  2. Fred Avatar

    Well, Fasth isn’t speculation.
    He played solid for 2 seasons in Elitserien (and a really solid 2012 WC), and was playing good in AHL and in Allsvenskan during lockout..

    Maybe it’s a bit of an overpayment but I can’t compare it to Niemi, never liked his play and thought it was just lucky to have a strong team in front in his Chicago cruise to SC.

  3. EB Avatar

    While it is quite possible that Fasth may go into the crapper from here on out, it is more probable he will continue to be a solid goalie, if not at least a solid backup. Combining the three years, he averages just under $2.3 million a year. Those numbers are perhaps on the high end for a backup, but if he sees more time which is expected, they are in line.

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