Mason Raymond spin-o-rama shootout goal

Some players have a deep bag of tricks that they pull from in the shootout, and Vancouver Canucks forward Mason Raymond certainly has a few slick moves to draw from. We’ve seen the spin-o-rama move before from Raymond, but he made Columbus Blue Jackets goalie Sergei Bobrovski look plain silly when he pulled the move out tonight in the shootout.

Raymond, who shot second for the Canucks, starts off by swinging out wide on the right side before coming in closer with a few back-and-forth dekes. Looking like he’s going to cut across the crease and let loose a backhand, Bobrovski bites on the move and slides to his right as Raymond puts on the brakes and makes a quick turnaround to lay the puck into the wide open net vacated by the Blue Jackets goalie. Raymond’s goal ended up being the game-winning shootout goal as the Vancouver Canucks went on to win the contest 2-1.

For the Blue Jackets, the loss ends a five-game winning streak. However, the team has earned at least one point in each of their past eight games, with seven of those games being decided in overtime or the shootout.

Check out video of Raymond’s spin-o-rama below.





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