2013 Easton Stealth

New 2013 Easton Stealth Stick

Yet another new and upcoming stick has been seen recently, this time in the NHL. The new twig is being used by Logan Couture of the San Jose Sharks, and appears to be the new 2013 Easton Stealth stick.

The stick he is using is blacked out, with a white Easton logo down near taper. This 2013 Easton Stealth stick appears to still be using Easton’s elliptical taper technology, but will surely have additional notable features as well.

While we can’t be certain at this point what the actual name of the stick will be when it is released, the blacked out look and appearance of an elliptical taper suggest that it will follow in the Stealth series of sticks.

Easton has scrapped their familiar two year release cycle as of late, and moved toward a six month or yearly cycle. Recently, they have aggressively pushed out an updated Stealth RS II to replace the original RS, and have also quickly released a Mako II to replace the original.

Take a look at the new 2013 Easton Stealth stick below and leave us your thoughts in the comments!

2013 Easton Stealth Stick
2013 Easton Stealth Stick





24 responses to “New 2013 Easton Stealth Stick”

  1. alex Avatar

    jarome iginla also use the new rs

  2. bren14 Avatar

    That’s better looking than the new mako and I might buy that stick because it looks very classy

    1. Dave Avatar

      wont come out.and if it does it wont be any different than the rs ||

  3. bren14 Avatar

    That’s better looking than the new mako and I might buy that stick because it looks very classy and sharp

    1. TROY Avatar

      this graphic is nothing close to the final product. The final product has a nice touch of color and is pretty loud.

  4. Grant Avatar

    That stick looks better than the other stealth stick cuz it actually has no specific colors that match unlike ther rs and rs 2 I like how Easton is going back to the nice classy solid colors very good looking

  5. hockeyfan123 Avatar

    does anybody know when this stick will be released??? and will they modify the look of it???

    1. Gearhead1432 Avatar

      It is going to be orange and black it will be the v9e stick replacing the stealth series

  6. Sam Avatar

    I saw Ryan Whitney using this stick. I was wondering what it was.

  7. Sniper Avatar

    I have always liked the feel and accuracy of the stealths. However, they snap way too easily. This looks like an RS 3. I was happy with almost everything about the previous RS’s but they just weren’t worth the investment because of the durability factor

  8. Danglesnipenocelly Avatar

    I saw Gaborik and Rebiero using this stick also

  9. dangler Avatar

    This is the Easton Velocity Stick – they are moving to ONE line with various tapers; the Mako and Stealth will go away.

  10. Icejet_91 Avatar

    I saw robidas, Daley, Whitney and a lot of other guys using this. At first I thought it was a pro stock special until I saw this.

  11. jaivon Avatar

    geno was using it last night against the jets

  12. adoni Avatar

    they should call it rs3

  13. Nick Avatar

    I saw Mike Ribeiro using it tonight, I don’t think the stick will actually look as it does now when it’s released. I think that it’s painted over so they don’t give away too much info, but I may be wrong. I was just curious because there is no noticeable inscription on the stick besides the easton logo and screamin’ e at the lower end of the shaft.

  14. C pil Avatar
    C pil

    Broken to many EASTON sticks to care at this point. Do not waste your money on those sticks.

  15. George Avatar

    If you like a Classy stick take a look at the Black Ops Sticks by BASE Hockey.

    Stick is Just as light but Way more options.
    My kid breaks half as many sticks Using a 90 flex instead of a 85.

  16. Brad Avatar

    Yea i belive the white on the stick is just there test stick it will be coming out with graphics on it sometime real soon!

  17. Kaleb Avatar

    just to create hype Ans make every one want “the new thing ” just marketing yo boost sales since now days people think oh this is newer then that so its better when really they maybe just changed some foam in the blade or something small and its no better

  18. Rick Avatar

    I just picked up one of the new blacked out sticks that was used by one of the local NHL players. Similar feel to an RS, but I have not used it. I wish they left it this way for production.

  19. Austin Schwartz Avatar
    Austin Schwartz

    This stick is the blacked out version of the v9e that is said to be released sometime late summer or early next season

  20. Liam Avatar

    I have this stick and use it. It’s awesome. I’ve had both the rs and mako and this stick had a completely different feeling to it. And it’s not a blacked out v9e either. I’d highly recommend getting it when it is released in stores.

    1. james Avatar

      how did u get it and were and what is it called

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