Crosby Out Indefinitely with Broken Jaw

Well, good thing the Pittsburgh Penguins have been stacking their team with recent transactions as star forward Sidney Crosby is out indefinitely with a broken jaw. (Video below)

In a game against the New York Islanders Saturday, Crosby barely hesitated as a shot from the point came right for him. The puck hit him in the mouth, and after watching the replay of the incident, you can see teeth fall from his mouth. Crosby immediately dropped in pain, that most of us, will never nor want to feel. It was Crosby’s first shift of the game.

Crosby leads the Penguins with 15 goals and 41 assists for a total of 56 points. That total also leads the league. Further, Crosby leads the team with most face-offs taken with 34%. His absence will definitely hurt, despite having one of the most talented and deep lineups in the league.

In Crosby like fashion, he tends to steal the show. The Penguins have won 15 consecutive games which has been outdone by only one other team. Well, another roster that is, as that streak belongs to the 1992-1993 Pittsburgh Penguins who won 17 games in a row. The injury also overshadowed Jarome Iginla’s first game wearing a different jersey other than the Calgary Flames.

The playoffs begin April 30th, and while most fans would like to be optimistic, it would be wise not to expect Crosby back in time. Crosby is in for a lot of soup in the coming weeks, and as an elite athlete, such a diet will not sustain the amount of calories nor nutrients needed to keep him in peak performance. He could be a month away before he can even intake solid foods, and when he can play no one knows. A shield can surely aid in protecting his jaw, but taking any kind of hit will most likely put him at risk of further injury.

For now, Crosby had surgery Saturday night to his broken jaw, with no timeframe of his return. The Penguins will provide an update on his status later in the week.

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