NHL and NHLPA Conduct First Rookie Orientation Camp

As surprising as it sounds, 2013 was the first time the National Hockey League and the NHL Players Association jointly conducted a orientation camp for its rookie players. The program was held earlier this week and was implemented as part of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement signed earlier this year. The program is designed to help players adjust to life as a professional and all the responsibilities and distractions that come with it.

Players talked about many issues including finances, off the ice issues, health care, and social media. Those have been many hot topics for athletes from every professional sport, as many players have made mainstream headlines for the wrong reasons. Despite the millions of dollars athletes make, an alarming number of them end up bankrupt shortly after their careers are over. And with many of them lacking a formal education (via skipping college or leaving early) they are ill-equipped for life after hockey. Stories of many athletes and insiders in the sports industry are highlighted in the ESPN documentary “Broke”. If there’s any consolation from the documantary, hockey players weren’t highlighted. But that doesn’t mean because they don’t make as much money as Tom Brady or LeBron James that hockey players have issues post-NHL of their own.


Below is a summary video posted to NHL.com.


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