Penguins and Bruins Game Turns Ugly

“Listen I feel awful. It wasn’t my intention for that outcome. I know Brooksie. I’ve gotten to know him over the last several years here. I skate with him in the summer through the lockout. I texted him a couple times. I feel awful. It definitely was not I wanted to see or anybody wanted to see.”- Shawn Thornton on injuring Brooks Orpik

Last night in Boston there were several scary incidences that are not part of the game. Most notably was Shawn Thornton attacking Brooks Orpik when Orpik was separating a scrum that occurred after James Neal was called for kneeing.

Before we get into that, let’s recap the other stuff that happened leading up to that:

On the games opening shift, Orpik delivered a hard, clean open-ice hit on Loui Eriksson who ended up having to leave the game and didn’t return.┬áThornton challenged Orpik to a fight immediately after his hit on Eriksson, and Orpik continued with his shift. Thornton was later called for roughing at 5:44 against Orpik.

Later in the first period at 11:06, Neal was called for kneeing on Brad Marchand and as Marchand lay on the ice, Orpik was defending Boston players from Neal. It was then where Thornton dragged Orpik and started administering punches to a defenseless Orpik on the ice. Pittsburgh players immediately called for the trainers and medical staff to attend to Orpik. Orpik was stretchered off the ice and as of Sunday afternoon was able to fly home with the rest of the team after a trip to Massachusetts General Hospital.

Thornton was penalized with a match penalty and didn’t see the ice for the rest of the 3-2 Bruins victory.

The NHL Department of Player Safety has announced that both Neal and Thornton will have hearings to determine if further punishment is necessary. Neal’s hearing would be via telephone while Thornton will have an in-person hearing. Expect Neal to receive no further penalties while Thornton could (and should) receive multiple games (> 6-7 games) for what he did.


Check out the below videos for the sequence beginning with the Neal knee on Marchand.


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