Rafalski Comeback Attempt Cut Short

Photo Credit: Dania Maxwell/Naples News
Photo Credit: Dania Maxwell/Naples News

After getting the itch back to play hockey after appearing in the Alumni Showdown last month, Brian Rafalski signed a contract with the Florida Everblades of the ECHL on January 9. His comeback attempt lasted a couple weeks as he was released by the club today.

He only appeared in three games, and has not seen the ice since January 18 with a back injury. His release was necessary to free a roster spot. This doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t play for the Everblades this season, but it does likely dash any hope of him returning to the NHL. He last played in the league for Detroit in 2011, when he had to retire due to numerous back and knee injuries. He was productive that season, playing 63 games and scoring 48 points at age 37. He did say when he retired that he spent time at the training table every day that season. At age 40, the type of ailments he has been suffering from doesn’t get better, they only get worse.

In the three games he played with Florida, he recorded one assist according to Hockey Database.

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