Bill Guerin Builds Incredible Backyard Rink

It’s not often that interesting hockey news comes from TMZ, yet somehow they managed to capture this incredible new development from former NHL star Bill Guerin.

According to TMZ, Guerin has a new home in Sewickley, PA, a suburb of Pittsburgh. In his backyard, the former Penguins forward decided to build a full size ice rink! Guerin even added a zamboni machine to take care of his new ice.

Bill Guerin’s new rink reportedly cost him in the neighborhood of half a million dollars. Fortunately, that type of money seems to have come easy to the two time Stanley Cup Champion and Penguins overseer of player development.

We have to wonder though, what will Guerin do with his new rink during the summer? We can see a basketball hoop on one end, but will he lay down some sport court for a game or two of roller hockey as well?

Whatever the case may be, we wouldn’t mind getting an invite to Guerin’s place to check out his brand new rink.

Check out the before and after pictures (Courtesy of TMZ) of Bill Guerin’s new backyard hockey rink below and drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts!

Bill Guerin Backyard Rink - Before


Bill Guerin Backyard Hockey Rink - After

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  1. I lived next door to Billy Guerin in Wilbraham, Massachusetts, when he was 3! His dad built a rink in their backyard every year and I’m sure it’s the talk of the neighborhood just like his was then!

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