Dmitry Orlov Suspended Two Games

During Sunday’s game in Philadelphia, Washington defenseman Dmitry Orlov was suspended two games for boarding Flyers forward Brayden Schenn from behind.

Initially on the ice, Orlov was assessed a five-minute penalty for boarding when the hit occurred at 9:33 of the third period. If you watch the video below, the sequence began when Schenn originally played a check on Orlov legally when both were perusing the puck behind the Washington net. Once the puck came out of the zone and Philadelphia dumped the puck back in, Orlov used that opportunity to retaliate when the numbers on Schenn’s back was facing Orlov. In addition, Orlov drove his forearm high across the back or Schenn and used that momentum to drive his head into the glass.

While Schenn did look over his shoulder to see where Orlov was, it is still Orlov’s responsibility to avoid hitting someone when they see the numbers across a players back. He had plenty of time and space to avoid finishing his check. Orlov has played over 100 games in his career and this was his first offense with the NHL Department of Player Safety. It will forfeit $7,076.92, which the money will go to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund.

He will miss road games Wednesday (Philadelphia) and Thursday (Boston). He will be eligible to return Saturday against Phoenix.


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  1. Brett Nafziger Avatar
    Brett Nafziger

    Am I the only one that thinks this is crazy to have an Emergency Assistance Fund? I’m all for helping people out but when you’re pushing $1 million a year (I know not everyone makes this and some exceed this but) do you really need extra financial help? Maybe if its your first or second year playing in the NHL with a low contract and you end up getting a life long affecting injury but these players that are making quite a bit, for several years? Tell me I’m not crazy.

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