STX Surgeon 500 Stick

In addition to the STX Stallion which we posted about last week, STX will also be releasing another top end stick this spring. The STX Surgeon 500 stick features a white/gray shaft, black blade and handle, and then some teal accents throughout.

The STX Surgeon 500 stick will offer a dual kick point shot profile, similar to a Bauer APX. The Surgeon stick will respond to your game with an enhanced reaction by providing a quick kick point for wrist shots that require a quick release, and another kick point for loading up slap shots when you want to tee one off.

Much like the Stallion, the STX Surgeon 500 stick offers the highest balance point on the market. This is, of course, according to STX lab testing with other 60″ sticks. By using the highest balance point, they’ve tried to create a better feeling hockey stick that does not sacrifice weight or durability.

The blade of the STX Surgeon 500 stick is softer, providing a better feel for the puck. It also features dual rib technology, and is designed to improve puck feel and control.

Check out the brand new STX Surgeon 500 stick below and drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts!

STX Surgeon 500 Stick

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