STX Stallion 500 Stick

STX, as we’ve mentioned a few times on here before, will be making the jump from their lacrosse roots into hockey equipment this spring. One of their first releases will be the STX Stallion 500 stick. In a good looking black and yellow color scheme, STX will look to turn a few heads with this release.

The STX Stallion 500 stick will come a power flex profile. This is a constant flex of the stick which allows you to fully maximize energy transfer to the puck. The Stallion stick will load your energy as you throw power into your slapshots and one timers.

STX’s Stallion also features the highest balance point in the market, based on STX lab testing with 60 inch sticks. This has allowed STX to create a better feeling stick, and not sacrifice any weight or durability in the process.

The blade on the STX Stallion stick will be stiff and rigid, this will help transfer additional power to your shots. STX does this by utilizing dual rib technology, which is also going to help maximize the velocity on your shots.

Check out the STX Stallion 500 stick below and let us know your thoughts! How do you feel about this stick from a newcomer to the hockey equipment industry?

STX Stallion 500 Stick



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