Barry Trotz No Longer Head Coach in Nashville

Barry Trotz

According to Josh Cooper and The Tennessean, the Nashville Predators will be moving on without Barry Trotz as head coach next season.

Barry Trotz was the first, and only, coach of the Nashville Predators in their 15 year history. Beginning with the new franchise in 1998, Trotz helped developer a defensive minded team who could often make the playoffs, despite their lack of true firepower. However, his teams never had the talent or depth to make serious playoff runs. In their history, they have only made it past the first round twice.

Throughout his tenure, the Predators managed 557 wins to go along with 479 losses. In the playoffs, however, Trotz and the Predators were a meager 19-31.

According to Cooper, one possible replacement for Trotz would be former Flyers and Hurricanes coach Peter Laviolette. Laviolette turned the 2006 Hurricanes into a Stanley Cup winner, but missed the playoffs in three other seasons before being fired in 2009.

In 2009-10 in Philadelphia, Laviolette once again took his team to the Stanley Cup Finals. This time, however, the Flyers were on the losing end. The next two years, Laviolette and the Flyers lost in the second round of the playoffs. In his final full season, the Flyers missed the playoffs and Laviolette was ousted from his position early in the 2013 season after losing the first 3 games.

Trotz, on the other hand, has apparently been offered a new position within the Predators organization.

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