Facebook’s Fandom Map for the 2014 NHL Playoffs

As Facebook has done before, they created a Fandom Map of the United States and Canada which displays Facebook fans of all the 2014 NHL playoff teams. Each state is given a color designation for the team which has the most Facebook Likes in that state.

Surprisingly enough, the San Jose Sharks have more likes among California residents than the Ducks or Kings, leaving California as Sharks territory. Another shocker, to me at least, was that Arizona is marked as Chicago Blackhawks territory. With the number of Red Wings fans in the southwest, it surprises me that they have not claimed that territory.

Canada, as you may have guessed, mostly belongs to the Montreal Canadians. There are also a fairly large area belonging to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Check out the Facebook Fandom Map for the 2014 NHL Playoffs below and drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts. Did you notice anything unusual or surprising on this map?

Facebook Fandom Map 2014 NHL Playoffs


  1. First, what a great visual. It’s always great to see the spread of teams’ fan bases. When I saw this, I was also surprised by a few things. Going along with what you said, I assumed the Kings would take California, and I’m surprised to see so many southeast Red Wings fans. I am also shocked by the numerous-state fan base of the Avalanche. I thought those states would be divided up more with the Wild, the Blackhawks or the California teams. The northeastern states do not surprise me at all. I did something like this on my own blog. It was a post on the geographic popularity of hockey. You should check it out! Find it at syncintotherink.wordpress.com. Great post!

    • Loved the visual, and I’m not surprised. Julie, you have to take few things into account:

      – In the US Mountain West, Denver is basically the only show in town for the major sports leagues (except for obv Arizona). Avs fan base is the same as the Broncos, Rockies, and Nuggets. Also add to that, winning a Stanley Cup soon after you come to town = lots of regional fans.

      – With the Wings, there’s been plenty of migration between Michigan and the South for decades. Add to that family loyalties, and you have Wings fans all over there. Also, take into account that the Thrashers are gone, the Predators aren’t in the playoffs this year, and the Red Wings have been in the playoffs for basically a whole generation. They’re an easy team to follow if you just want to pick a team out of the blue.

      – The parts of Canada “liking” the Pens is a result of two things: (1) the recent addition of the Jets and (2) their not being in the playoffs. Also, no Canadian-based team has won the Stanley Cup in over 2 decades, so there’s no team that can be called “Canada’s team”. In the US we’ve had the Bulls, Cowboys, Yankees, Steelers, Packers, etc., hence their nation-wide fanbases. The only team that has that status in Canada is (obviously) the National Team. Who’s the Captain of that team, and effectively has a “Michael Jordan” status in the NHL? Sidney Crosby. What team does he play for? The Pittsburgh Penguins.

      – In California, the Kings were always second-status (to the Lakers/Dodgers/Angels) although that’s changing a little. It doesn’t help that they have to share the same area with the Ducks (although it isn’t as bad or lopsided as in NYC area between the Rangers and Islanders). The perception is a lot better now (esp with the Kings winning the Cup and all the CA teams doing well), but Sharks have had the edge – despite not winning a title.

      Hope that helps! I’ll check out you blog too!! Let’s go Pens!!!

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