Trotz Says Goodbye in Newspaper Ad

In Sunday’s edition of The Tennessean, the only man who has ever coached the Nashville Predators thanked the city he called home since the franchise came to the Music City in 1997. In 16 years as head coach, he compiled a regular-season record of 557 wins, 479 losses, 60 ties and 100 overtime and shootout losses.

He was let go from his duties as coach after 16 years, and he penned a letter to Predators fans. Courtesy of Nashville Business Journal, parts of the letter by Trotz is as follows:

“It has been an honor to coach the Nashville Predators for the last 16 seasons, I am forever grateful.”

“This community is a wonderful place to live and work and my family will always be grateful for the hospitality we have received and the friendships we have formed that will last a lifetime! We’ve been blessed.”

“Thank you Smashville!”

His full letter can be seen below, from @PeteWeberSports


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