Crosby Opts for Treatment over Surgery on Wrist


We all know that hockey players are some of the toughest athletes in sports. They have no problem taking a high stick to the mouth where a couple teeth might have been lost and coming back on the ice after receiving stitches. The biggest name in the National Hockey League isn’t immune to injury as evidenced in his career.

Pittsburgh’s Sidney Crosby injured his right wrist sometime in March during the regular season but he played through it till their season was ended in the playoffs. Instead of spending his summer having surgery on the wrist (which could be needed in the future), he’s been receiving treatment on it. The doctors examining Crosby has determined that instead of opening his wrist they want to monitor it and give him injections to determine if it will get better.

“After seeking additional medical advice, doctors have decided not to perform surgery on Sidney Crosby’s wrist,” general manager Jim Rutherford said in a statement. “Sid will continue treatments and be evaluated regularly while he prepares for training camp in September.” Rutherford has been on the job since June 6, and was made aware of Crosby’s condition when he took the job. Rutherford expects Crosby to be 100 percent entering training camp.

Crosby’s agent, Pat Brisson, said to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that Crosby opted for an injection rather than surgery, which could be needed in the future. “He knew that something was wrong but kept going,” Brisson said. “Obviously, you don’t talk about these things (while involved in games), but you have to heal at some point.”

All parties involved are optimistic that surgery won’t be necessary but that is still a few weeks away from being determined. “It’s a form of injection that has been proven to work, but sometimes it doesn’t work,” Brisson said.

Penguins fan should worry that it is taking so long to determine if he needs surgery or not. Training camp is less than two months away and if he has to go under the knife time he will be off the ice will bleed into the regular season. And with a new coach and general manager in place this isn’t a good way to start off a working relationship.

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