Chris Russolello pulls off awesome dangle at State Wars

State Wars Hockey, the annual roller hockey event that pits teams from each state in a variety of age groups against one another to compete for the United States Roller Hockey Championship, began its second week of competition today, and while the day featured a full schedule of team competition, players took some time out to showcase their skills.

The 1996 AAA/AA Alkali Skills Competition featured a bevy of skilled players in the oldest age bracket of the youth divisions, and Mission hockey, a level one sponsor of the event, was on hand to share some of the rich talent gracing the rink. The hockey manufacturer posted an awesome videoto their Instagram account this afternoon of New York player Chris Russolello pulling off a dirty little backhand drag that left the goalie with basically no chance (although it looks like he wasn’t trying all that hard to be fair to the poor goalie). Regardless, the move is definitely worth a watch. Check it out below.

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