Rich Clune Calls Out Twitter Bully

While high paid professional athletes often face the criticism of an online bully, the tweets or other messages typically remain ignored. Usually there is no opportunity for confrontation, but Rich Clune of the Nashville Predators found himself in a different situation.

After tweeting some inside jokes to friends Sean Avery and former boxer Riddick Bowe, Clune added a weight related jib in the direction of the former boxing pro by stating that Bowe “now eats cheeseburgers for a living.” The fun amongst friends was noticed by a boxing fan, who tweeted back to Clune saying “You’ll be back in rehab in no time, loser.”

Clearly Rich Clune was not happy with these remarks. The man plays in the NHL and has thick skin, but for the sake of sticking up for himself he rebutted. Instead of just tweeting, however, Clune was able to find this man’s phone number via a picture of his business card on his Twitter profile. The Predators enforcer proceeded to call the bully, and record the entire conversation on his phone.

Through nine minutes of conversation, Clune was able to make the “lowlife” apologize for his remarks and show remorse over the whole situation. Check out the entire conversation below and drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts!

[youtube id=”jBoyPj_3ZZg” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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