Ric Del Basso Incredible Goal Celebration

When you think of where top goal celebrations may take place, I’m certain that the Australian Ice Hockey League would not have crossed your mind. After this, you may change your mind.

Ric Del Basso of the Perth Thunder scored in a shootout with a nice snipe to seal the victory over the Melbourne Ice. Afterwards, Del Basso celebrated in a more unique way than most. Instead of a fist pump or anything ordinary, Del Basso skated towards center ice and picked up speed before going face first towards the ice and beginning to slide on his head. Amazingly enough, Del Basso made it from the blue line to past the red line at center ice while sliding on his head.

Afterwards, the game winning goal scorer was surrounded by teammates as they celebrated their victory, although I’m not sure if they were more excited for the win or for what they had just witnessed.

Check out the video of Ric Del Basso’s incredible goal celebration below!

[youtube id=”uL-I4_LQcwM” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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