Cuba Gooding Jr Nails Center Ice Shot, Strips to Celebrate

Cuba Gooding Jr. has long been a fan of hockey. His involvements in the sport go back many years, and include making appearances at All Star Games and the NHL Awards.

Cuba took a break from his busy acting lifestyle, he’s currently filming a T.V. show for Fox that will premiere in January, in order to make an appearance in Chicago for the Red Wings and Blackhawks preseason match-up. Of course, during the intermission, he made his way down to the ice for an interview and to partake in the center ice shooting challenge.

After a few misses from other participants, Gooding Jr. stepped on to the carpet with a lot of energy to give it his best shot. What we all saw was that Gooding Jr. isn’t just a fan of the game, but he can play a bit too. After two close shots, Gooding Jr. nailed his third attempt and proceeded to celebrate the way any normal man would – taking off his clothes.

Surely the Blackhawks will not see anything quite like that the rest of the season. Regardless, Cuba Gooding Jr. has done a fine job helping to generate a bit of interest in the fact that hockey is back and ready for an exciting 2014-15 season.

Check out the video of Gooding Jr’s antics below and drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts on his skills!

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