Report assesses beer prices at all NHL arenas

A new report published in Business Insider assesses the price of beer at each NHL arena this season, with findings showing a 1.5 percent rise in prices overall from last year.

The average cost of beer during the 2014-15 NHL season comes in at $7.45, up from $7.34 last year. Prices were highest in New York where Rangers fans pay a whopping $10.50 for the cheapest beer at Madison Square Garden. On the other end of the spectrum, Pittsburgh Penguins fans enjoy the cheapest beer in the NHL at $5.25.

The New York Islanders come in second at $9.75 per beer, with the Coyotes and Wild coming in at $9.75, and the St. Louis Blues rounding out the top five at $9 even. In addition to Pittsburgh, the Stars, Lightning, Blue Jackets and Senators all sport beer prices at $6 or below.

The report also points out that all beer sizes offered at arenas across the league are not created equal, with beer sizes ranging from 12 to 24 ounces.Taking into account the size of the beer, Washington Capitals fans get the most bang for their buck when they order a 24-ounce beer for $8, or $0.33 per ounce. The Winnipeg Jets boats the worst deal in the NHL, charging fans $7.36 for a 12-ounce beer, which equates to $0.61 per ounce.

See the chart below from Business Insider for more information.


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  1. I went to a game in Montréal a week ago and beer price is way higher than it says here, it’s 11.25$ canadian for an alumnium bottle of coors light. Not even close to the 6,01$ even if you put in in american money.

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