Russian Player Fights Twice on Same Shift

A player in the KHL who appears to drop the gloves and is willing to take on all comers was involved in two fights in a game tonight. As described by Jen Neale at Puck Daddy, Damir Ryspayev of Barys was involved in a fight with Nikolai Belov of Neftekhimik away from the camera which was focused on the puck.

Ryspayev gets in a few shots on Belov and easily sent him down to the ice. As normal the linesmen come to break it up, but where it takes a weird turn is when Ryspayev was skating off the ice with the linesmen he took a look at Alexander Bryntsev, grabbed Bryntsev by the collar and laid a punch to initiate another fight. Like his teammate Belov, Bryntsev wasn’t much of a challenge for Ryspayev as Ryspayev won his second fight in a matter of a minute or so.

Now the linesmen is giving Ryspayev his best and tightest bear hug to prevent the entire Neftekhimik bench from going after Ryspayev after he held his arms in the air and probably something along the lines of “Come at me, bro!” in Russian. The fight occurred midway through the first half and he was promptly sent to the locker room as he was done for the night but not before getting a fist bump from a coach in a suit behind the bench.

According to the official scoresheet, Ryspayev  was given five minutes for fisticuffs (apparently they still use Soviet Union-era terminology) and a 20-minute game misconduct. Belov and Bryntsev were each given two minutes for roughing. Which after watching the video makes you question whats the difference in the KHL between fisticuffs and roughing? It was pretty obvious Belov was fighting while it’s understandable to sit Bryntsev for only two minutes. I’m sure he wasn’t on the ice five minutes after all this happened but Ryspayev was given a four-minute penalty for roughing. But it could be possible their rules make it so that the roughing penalty for the spat with Bryntsev didn’t start until he served the five for fighting.

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