Alex Ovechkin Dangles And Scores Incredible Goal

Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin hasn’t scored a goal this nice in quite some time. In fact, his efforts here might just catapult him ahead of Bobby Ryan in the running for goal of the year.

In the middle of the third period tonight against the New Jersey Devils, Ovechkin flew up the right wing with the puck and skated in towards two Devils defenseman. With not much else to do, the skilled winger had no choice but to attempt to dangle his way towards the net.

After a slick move where he slid the puck between his legs from back to front, Ovechkin split the defenseman and made his way in on Cory Schneider all alone. With a simple forehand to backhand, Ovie had Schneider beat enough to roof the puck on his backhand.

That goal would put the Capitals up 3-0 against the Devils. They would go on to win 4-0.

Ovechkin continues to amaze us with his talents and highlight reel goals. Check out the video below and drop us a note in the comments to let us know what you think of this amazing goal.

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