Malkin and Adams Exchange Punches in Practice

The Pittsburgh Penguins may have landed David Perron in a shocking trade yesterday, but that wasn’t the only big news out of Pittsburgh.

During practice yesterday morning, Craig Adams and Evgeni Malkin were participating in a “battle drill” when things got a bit heated. The battle drill escalated into a full on fight where punches were thrown with Adams apparently taking the worst of it.

Video later surfaced from the practice right after the fight. You can see Adams skate away with plenty of blood on his face, while Malkin simply gets up from the ice, puts his jersey back on, and continues with practice.

You have to wonder what happened behind to scenes there to get these two players to the point of throwing punches. Beyond that, how many haymakers did Malkin throw in order to leave Adams as bloody as he was? Or was Adams bloody from something else that happened during the battle drill?

I guess we’ll never know what really happened, but you’ve gotta like the intensity if you’re a Penguins fan!

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