Gatorade Surprises Sledge Hockey Players

Gatorade recently released an awesome couple of videos featuring the Cruisers Sledge Hockey organization. They teamed up in what the players thought would be a documentary, but turned out to be one of the greatest surprises they’ve experienced.

Soon after hitting the ice, the Cruisers players were greeted by some of the NHL’s premier stars. Sidney Crosby, Claude Giroux, Nathan MacKinnon, Scott Hartnell, Logan Couture, and Ryan Miller all took part in the surprise.

After hitting the ice and taking part in a meet and greet, the hockey players finally got down to business as the NHL stars participated in a scrimmage game with Cruisers.

The Cruisers played well against some of the NHL’s top talent, too. They were skating circles around players like Crosby and Giroux at times.

What a tremendous opportunity for a group of guys who are so passionate about the game of hockey. It’s great to see that kind of connection, and a group of people brought together by the love of the game.

Check out the videos from Gatorade below and drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts!

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