Jerseys revealed for Avalanche/Red Wings outdoor game?

The jerseys for the Detroit Red Wings and Colorado Avalanche Stadium Series outdoor game next season may have been released—and they look terrible.

Thankfully, the images circulating the ‘net were created by to illustrate what the jerseys could look like based on descriptions of what they will be, not actual images.

The website reports that the Red Wings will wear red, despite being the away team, while the logo will feature a big “D” with a wing coming out of it. The Avalanche logo will reportedly be a hybrid combining their new shoulder patch and the old Rockies logo.

Sleeve striping and number details are still unknown.

We’ll have to wait until the final jerseys are revealed to render complete judgement, but hopefully the real jerseys are far removed from the ones depicted. The sash across the chest makes them look like British soldiers, and the Avalanche logo makes me feel like I’m looking into the Eye of Sauron. Overall, they look more like soccer jerseys than hockey jerseys.

Check out the jerseys below. What do you think?


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