Johan Franzen has custom bed sheets made for Gustav Nyquist

Johan Franzen is apparently quite the jokester, and Red Wings teammate and fellow Swede Gustav Nyquist is now on the receiving end of a joke involving Mike Babcock and bed sheets.

Franzen took to Instagram earlier today to post a picture of the custom bedding he had made for Nyquist. The sheets were made using a photo of Mike Babcock from the Winter Classic, and it looks outrageous. He took it one step further by adding this awesome caption:

Hey Nyquist, I know you been sad ever since your dad signed for Toronto so I had these custom bed sheets made for u so u always can be close to him

We could interpret this in a couple different ways. Some might think that Nyquist might have really enjoyed having Babcock as a coach. On the other hand, he could be more like teammates Brendan Smith and Jakub Kindl who perhaps didn’t always see eye to eye with their former coach and welcome his replacement.

Regardless, Babcock is now in Toronto and Nyquist has a keepsake that he can cherish each and every night thanks to Johan Franzen.

Franzen is still aiming to return to the Red Wings this coming season, but that could all change quickly with his concussion history.

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