Steve Stamkos vs. Drones

Stamkos vs Drones

Just the other day, Bauer released a great video where Jonathan Toews popped a water bottle off of the net, and then sniped it out of mid air.

Today, Steve Stamkos is taking it one step further. Stamkos, with the help of Sport Chek, took to the ice this summer to practice his sniping with some drones. Sport Chek released their video today, and it is awesome.

First, Stamkos goes 4 for 4 on the targets in the net. Following that, he does his best work sniping some targets that were hanging from drones. In one instance, he even sniped the drone itself and sent it crashing to the ice.

Check out the Stamkos vs Drones video below and drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts!

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