Jeremy Roenick attacks alligator

Jeremy Roenick may be one of the more entertaining personalities in hockey, but that certainly doesn’t make him one of the brightest bulbs in the room.

A video has surfaced of Roenick, 45, literally lunging at a live alligator during a recent round of golf.

Yes. Lunging. At an alligator.

The 20 second video shows Roenick sneaking up behind the alligator, telling the cameraman to come closer and keep him in the frame. He then proceeds to make dive toward the alligator, who swiftly re-enters the nearby water. Roenick gets up, jogs back toward the camera and says, “that was awesome!” before leaving the frame.

We can’t make this stuff up. Just FYI, alligator attacks have resulted in two deaths this year. Check out the video below.

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