Janne Vayrynen Scores Dazzling Goal

Thanks to an email from a fan, we just came across this dazzling goal from Janne Vayrynen.

A few weeks ago, Vayrynen, who plays for Jokipojat Joensuu in Finland’s Mestis league, scored a unique lacrosse style goal.

After a teammate sent a pass behind the oppositions goal, the puck found its way up on end and rolled toward Vayrynen. He made a quick heads up play to scoop the puck near the goal line, while it was rolling, and put away what looked to be an easy goal into the top shelf.

Check out the dazzling goal from Vayrynen below:

Mestis is the second highest tier league in Finland, with twelve teams competing in the league. The 23 year old Vayrynen is in his first year of the league, but ranks second on the team in points with 20 in 23 games played. He is far and away the leader in goals, however, with 12 on the season. Four of his teammates sit behind him tied at 5 goals.

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