Referee Boldly Calls Out James Neal for Embellishment

James Neal certainly doesn’t seem to be the most liked player by his NHL peers. He has a history of cheap shots, dirty plays, and diving over the past few years. But apparently his history as an unlikable guy has made quite an impact with the refs as well.

Last night, as the Nashville Predators took on the Boston Bruins, James Neal attempted to draw a high sticking penalty after being grazed by Jonas Gustavsson’s stick. The acting was tremendous as Neal dramatically grabbed his face and fell to the ice. The ref, however, was having none of it.

Check out the video of the incident below, and make sure you have your speakers on for the refs great call!

It wouldn’t take long for the Bruins to capitalize on the power-play either. After a nice tic-tac-toe play, Loui Eriksson tapped the puck into an empty net for his 10th goal of the year.

Hopefully that will teach Neal a lesson about diving!

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