Injured rookie progressing “ahead of schedule”

1704050871_4490304210001_connor-mcdavid-1040x572A Western Conference team could get their rookie phenom back sooner than expected from a broken clavicle.

Connor McDavid, the 18-year-old number one draft pick, practiced with his Oilers teammates yesterday. He hasn’t played a game since suffering the injury on Nov. 3. At that time, the initial prognosis was that he would be sidelined for “months.”

“I feel very good,” McDavid said after practice. “The bone is coming along and personally I feel good, physically I feel good and mentally I feel good “It’s been all sorts of positives lately. Obviously it’s not the position I’d like to be in, but it’s important that you find the positives in any situation.”

After the practice, McDavid said his conditioning was still in good shape, although he still doesn’t know when he will return to game-time action.

“I would say definitely ahead of schedule,” said McDavid after the practice. “There’s been kind of a timeline that you try and follow and you try and reach each checkmark or progression faster than the day they said. I’ve been doing that for a little bit now, so I think, for sure, ahead of schedule.”

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