Kadri Breaks Stick, Still Scores Goal

Last night was just one of those games for the Toronto Maple Leafs. It was a game where everything falls into place and worked out in their favor.

In the second period, Nazem Kadri’s goal helped to prove why.

Back in the defensive zone, Kadri’s stick snappedĀ as he leaned it into the ice. He dropped the stick, circled around and continued with the play.

Next thing you know, the Leafs have a hard rush up the ice, but where is Kadri going?

Instead of heading to the bench for a change, Kadri speeds over and grabs a new stick being held out for him by a teammate. Seconds later, he’s in the offensive zone and calling for the puck. It didn’t take long for Kadri to collect the incoming pass, and then snipe a quick shot past Ducks goaltender John Gibson.

In less than five seconds, Kadri goes from player without a stick to scoring a fantastic goal. You have to see this for yourself, check out the clip below.

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