Dylan Larkin sets new fastest skater record at NHL All Star Game Skills Competition

The NHL’s record for fastest skater was set in 1996 by Toronto Hall of Famer Mike Gartner with a time of 13.385.

When the record was set, Dylan Larkin wasn’t even born yet, but the 19-year-old took to the ice during last night’s NHL All Star Game Skills Competition and broke Gartner’s record, which had stood for 20 years, with a time of 13.172.

“I said I was going to give it all I had so I thought…why not just go for it,” said Larkin. “I didn’t even know I won until I looked and saw the scoreboard. I didn’t know what the record was. I was trying to skate as fast as I can. “I’ve never done a lap like that. I just gave it my best and then see what happened.”

Larkin earned the opportunity to skate a full lap around the rink in an attempt to break the record after having the best time in the head-to-head Fastest Skater challenge. The race track for the match-ups is the border of the rink split in half length-ways. The event also included Nashville’s Roman Josi, Columbus’ Brandon Saad, Colorado’s Matt Duchesne, Edmonton’s Taylor Hall, Ottawa’s Erik Karlsson, Pittsburgh’s Kris Letang and Winnipeg’s Dustin Byfuglien.

“I’ve always been a good skater,” Larkin said. “I started working out and my speed has kind of taken off. I’ve always had a pretty good first three steps.”

What’s perhaps more incredible is that Larkin broke the record even after taking a slight stumble as he rounded the second net.

“I was still going pretty fast,” Larkin said. “I was lucky I caught my footing. I don’t know if it was less than perfect. I gave it all I had.” Check out video below of Larkin’s record-breaking skate.

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