Doc Emrick Trades Hockey for Baseball

Don’t worry hockey fans – the best American hockey broadcaster isn’t channeling his inner Michael Jordan and switching to baseball.

With MLB’s Spring Training underway, we tend to see out of the ordinary things during baseball’s preseason. That could range from split squad games (where each half of a team plays a different opponent), college football coaches giving signals at first base, and a different voice on the radio airwaves.

Doc Emrick took a brief break from calling line changes, drives into the attacking zone and goals to calling balls, strikes and double plays for the Pittsburgh Pirates, his favorite team on KDKA-FM with announcer Greg Brown and analyst John Wehner. After calling Chicago’s victory over Detroit Wednesday, Emrick left cold and snowy Detroit for the warm and sunny skies of Grapefruit League baseball.

He only handled play-by-play duties for two innings of their spring training game against Toronto, but it was a pitch-hit opportunity of a lifetime.

“I’m excited about what’s happened. I don’t know if I was very good, but I was excited to have the experience.” – Doc Emrick

This won’t be the last time we see Emrick this spring at McKechnie Field, as he will join the ROOT Sports crew on the television side March 9.

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