Octopi Toss Lands Wings Fan in Hot Water

We know all about the relationship between octopus and the Detroit Red Wings. We all know that back in the day (when there were six teams in the NHL) you only needed to win eight games to lift the Stanley Cup.

Most hockey fans get the love affair between Red Wings fans and the slimy sea creature. Other fans are still clueless as to why Detroit fans throw it on the ice. Even when you’re in another Original Six city, it’s still frowned upon and technically illegal.

During Thursday’s 5-2 drubbing of the Red Wings by the Bruins, a Detroit fan had enough of keeping the smelly marine animal in his pants late in the game and decided to throw it on the ice. I guess he figured the octopi was like timeouts: you can’t take them home. Unfortunately for Jeffrey Farrugia, it resulted in him being escorted out of TD Garden an arrest and charges of disturbing a public assembly, a misdemeanor.

This is essentially hockey’s version of a streaker. At least Detroit’ tradition is pretty cool, unlike the rat fad 20 years ago from another Atlantic division team.

From the Boston Globe:

Farrugia drove down from his Cumberland, Maine, home Thursday afternoon and bought the octopus on the way, putting it on ice in a cooler, according to his wife Sarah, who attended the game with him.

They let it thaw out in the hotel room before setting out for the game, she said.

Toward the end of the game, he walked down to the front and threw the octopus onto the ice as part of a long-running Red Wings tradition in important games.

“I just wanted to show my team pride,” said Farrugia, who is originally from Detroit. “I would never have thought in a million years that I would get arrested for throwing an octopus at a sporting event.”

Farrugia said this was the first time he had attempted to join in the tradition, which usually takes place at the Red Wings’ Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.

It’s not sure if and when he’ll be in front of a judge for the incident. But I’m pretty sure his wife must be proud of him.

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