Datsyuk Loses Tooth, Zetterberg Finds It

Pavel Datsyuk lost a tooth tonight against the Tampa Bay Lightning after catching a high stick from Victor Hedman. Fortunately, his teammate Henrik Zetterberg located the missing tooth.

The play occurred in the middle of the second period when Hedman gave Datsyuk a high hit behind the Lightning goal line. He was caught right in the mouth and immediately showed signs of pain as he grimaced and raised his hand to his mouth.

Not to be deterred, when the puck went back below the goal line where and Hedman went to retrieve it, Datsyuk turned and lined him up for a hit. He followed the hit with a bit of a shove to the back of the head as well.

Datsyuk would be called for a penalty for his retaliation and immediately got in the refs face showing him the damage from the high stick which he clearly missed.

After the stoppage in play, Henrik Zetterberg and Red Wings athletic trainer Piet Van Zant went back down into the corner looking for the missing tooth. Just as they appeared to be heading back to the bench, Zetterberg spotted the tooth on the ice and grabbed it.

Now there’s an example of a good teammate.

Despite the great effort in finding the tooth, Zetterberg, Datsyuk, and the Detroit Red Wings would go on to lose by a final score of 5-2.

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