Crosby Furious After Slash from Ovechkin

Sidney Crosby was on the receiving end of a slash from Alexander Ovechkin this evening, forcing him to temporarily leave the game.

The slash occurred as both Crosby and Ovechkin headed for a loose puck. Crosby made contact with the puck, but Ovechkin was out of reach and chose to slash his opponent instead.

Crosby was visibly in pain afterwards, shaking his hand as he collided with another Capitals player. He would then head to the locker room to have his hand looked at, and was obviously furious by what had just transpired.

Any injury he suffered must not have been too serious, however, as Crosby would quickly return to the game. It is the playoffs after all, and I’m sure he can play through whatever happened.

Here’s a look at the play as it happened on the ice.

And afterwards, Crosby headed back to the locker room to get checked out. Do you think he was upset?

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