Sidney Crosby Delivers Cheap Shot on Lightning Forward

Sidney Crosby was the hero of game two, but was looking more like a villain after one particular play tonight in game three against the Lightning.

During a battle for positioning in front of Lightning goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy, Crosby appeared to hit Lightning forward Cedric Paquette in the face with his left hand, and then proceed to slew foot the young player as well. Paquette went down to the ice very hard in a scary looking play.

There was no penalty call on the ice following the slew foot, so it would seem the refs missed one there. However, there is still an opportunity for the league to review and determine if any suspension is necessary. Brad Marchand was suspended two games during the regular seasonĀ on a similar looking play.

Fortunately for Paquette, he was not injured on the play.

The Pittsburgh Penguins would go on to win game three of their series against Tampa Bay by a final score of 4-2. They currently lead the best-of-seven series 2-1.

Check out the Sidney Crosby slew foot on Cedric Paquette below. Be sure to leave us a comment with your thoughts on the play!


  1. If Tampa has to resort to attempting to push for suspensions to even up the game, then they are in some serious trouble.

    Why don’t the Bolts get called out for whining about not getting calls, eh?

    • Michael and Any other penguin fan . I am a Blackhawk fan but also a big hockey fan. Yes Crosby is a great player and this has everything to do about player safety. This was a classic cheapshot and should be punished. I don’t care if it was Grettzky plays like this should be a suspension. The league wants to clean it up and get rid of dangerous plays then you suspend players on dangerous incidents that even go unpunished during the game. Crosby could have done some major damage to him. Oh and just to let you know. I did not complain when Duncan Keith got suspended for six games for his slash to the face and if yo watch how he was tripped that was again a dangerous play. But he still deserved the suspension no matter what happens to him first you do not swing your stick like that and hit opponents in the head . And so should Crosby suspended for this.

  2. You know, I’ve seen Crosby slew foot people before, and that isn’t what it looks like.

    Watch it in real time, not slow mo. He’s dragging his foot, gets hit which causes his skate to come off the ice.

    A Crosby style slew foot is more subtle than that. He skates up behind the player, turns his foot sideways and kicks out the skate nearest to him.

    • Ok before every tries to defend Crosby and says it was clean. Look at Marchand and Bassard. Marchand slew foots Bassard it man does it look a lot like what Crosby did last night. You watch Marchand’s who did get a 2 games suspension and tell me Crosby doesn’t deserve to be suspended.

  3. What is Slew foot?
    A dangerous play where a player comes from behind an opposing skater and trips the player unexpectedly by dragging the skate so the victim falls to the ice and quite often hits his head or lands hard due to the sneaky nature of the crime


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