Copper Joint Compression Elbow Sleeve Review

Aches and pains are part of life for hockey players—and, as I can personally attest, those aches and pains tend to show up more frequently and last longer the older you get. Traditional joint braces can be bulky and inhibit movement, which makes Copper Joint’s compression sleeves an appealing alternative.

According to Copper Joint’s website, their products are infused with copper and made from high quality materials that make joints feel supported and secure while promoting healing and relieving players of pain. The joint sleeves are also moisture wicking and the infused copper helps keep bacteria and odors at bay.

I used the Copper Joint Compression Elbow Sleeve in a variety of situations ranging from hockey to yard work. What I immediately noticed was how cool the sleeve kept my elbow. Even after extended sessions of use, the sleeve did a great job creating an optimal body temperature and keeping moisture away from the area it covered. I was pleasantly surprised and really pleased with the product’s performance in this area.

The other thing I was really pleased with was just generally how well the product worked. Every time I used the elbow sleeve for an extended period of time, my elbow just felt good. I only had one sleeve to demo, so I basically had to use my other elbow as a control for comparison’s sake, and every time the elbow I used the sleeve on felt refreshed and pain-free. Even the day after using it, the elbow without the sleeve had some residual aches while the elbow I used the sleeve on still felt great.

Using the sleeve for hockey specifically, I appreciated the support the sleeve provided without the bulk of other braces. The compression fit is snug, but not too tight, and the sleeve stayed in place as advertised. Unfortunately, the material of the sleeve wasn’t super conducive for keeping my elbow pads in place. It wasn’t a deal breaker or anything, but it got a little annoying to keep having to readjust my elbow pad every few minutes.

Overall, the Copper Joint Compression Elbow Sleeve is a rock solid product. It fits great and offers really solid support that helps keep your joints feeling refreshed during and after use. For nearly $19, it’s on par with similar products from a price standpoint without the bulk of a traditional brace. Highly recommended for hockey players looking to help alleviate some of the common aches and pains from the game.

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