Bishop Loses Teeth From Shot- Stays In Game

Goaltenders naturally are fearless athletes. You have a little crazy to be willing to wear 30 pounds of equipment while trying to stop a hard piece of vulcanized rubber flying close to 100 MPH at you.

As a goalie (currently on sabbatical due to injuries) myself, one of my fears is taking a shot to the facemask and neck. I do wear a neck guard but not a dangler (after wearing one from 1992 when I first put on a pair of pads until 2011 when I bought my current mask) but fears such as a puck going through my cat eye mask or a skate to the neck are still there.

Never would I expect a goalie to lose teeth due to a clapper¬†or a wrist shot. But that’s exactly what happened to Tampa Bay Lightning goalie Ben Bishop during tonight’s game against Toronto.

It happened during the second period when Peter Holland took advantage of a turnover at the blue line and wound up for a wrist shot as he skated around Andrej Sustr. His shot hit the bottom of Bishop’s mask and took big rebound to the other side of the rink. He went down immediately and was seen by the trainers. He appeared to shake his head no when asked if he wanted to come out and stayed in the game.

Tampa Bay went on to win the game 7-1 to improve to 5-1-0 this season.

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