Bauer Sauce Kit Review

Bauer Sauce Kit

In 2020, Bauer Hockey joined forces with The Original Hockey Sauce Kit to create something special, the Bauer Sauce Kit. Read on for our full Bauer Sauce Kit review!

What is the Bauer Sauce Kit?

The Original Hockey Sauce Kit was developed as a yard game for hockey players, as well as a training aid and trick shot kit. Think corn hole, but with hockey sticks and mini nets instead. It’s a great party game, and easy to travel with. However, you can also use it by yourself and let your imagination run wild with the different ways to launch some sauce directly into the net.

Bauer entered the picture by partnering with the Original Hockey Sauce Kit makers to come up with the Bauer Sauce Kit. This setup comes with two incredible looking mini nets with Bauer blue steel, as well as shooting pads and pucks.


The Bauer Sauce Kit has been well thought out and is constructed using solid materials. It starts with mini goals which feature metal posts that are a gorgeous blue color real twine netting. They goal is connected to double locking ramps that easily fold up for carrying. What helps make them even easier to carry is the attached shoulder strap and carrying handle. This setup allows you to easily take the nets wherever you wish for more sauce fun.

Included with the Bauer Sauce Kit are two AAA Grade synethic ice shooting boards with rounded edges. Each of these also has a built-in handle for easy carrying. The goals attach to the shooting boards with the included peg posts, allowing you to easily connect the two together if you wish. The kit also includes 8 plastic pucks for easy saucing, four red and four orange.


Unboxing the Bauer Sauce Kit was easy, and the goals were fully assembled and ready to go. The most work that was required was attaching the peg posts to the shooting pads and goals to test out that feature. Other than that, it was open up the ramp and let the fun begin.

For the Bauer Sauce Kit Review, I tested out the kit with my kids, and it was a huge hit. We sauced all over the backyard, seeing who could sauce more into the net on each turn. Then we took turns picking different locations for the net and seeing who could come up with cool trick shots. While the weather remained warm, it was a daily hit for us and something we went back to each day that it was nice out.


Throughout our time performing the Bauer Sauce Kit Review, I have been generally pleased with the durability of the Bauer Sauce Kit. The shooting pads have been my main complaint, as they scratch rather easily, but so far it has not impacted the shooting pads in any negative way.

The netting, goal posts, ramp and carrying straps have all held up quite well, with some similar scratching on the ramp, but no other notable problems to note.

What’s Not So Good?

My only real complaint with the Bauer Sauce Kit is with the included pucks. I wish that they would have remained consistent with the blue of the posts and included blue pucks as well. Also, while most of us have a collection of real rubber pucks at our disposal to use, it still would have been nice to have a couple Bauer Sauce Kit rubber pucks included.

Overall Impressions:

Comparing it to other sauce products on the market, I think the Bauer Sauce Kit has the best design of them all. The blue metal really helps to elevate the design to the next level, above all other competitors. I waited several months before selecting a Sauce Kit to purchase, but in the end, I’m extremely happy that I waited for the Bauer Sauce Kit. It definitely lives up to the high expectations I had for it and I can’t wait for spring when I can get outside and use it more.

Where to buy?

The Bauer Sauce Kit is available from several online retailers, but I purchased mine from Ice Warehouse. The full Bauer Sauce Kit is currently available for $179.99 and will ship for free with your order.

Click here to head over to Ice Warehouse and check it out!

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