Green Biscuit Snipe Review

Green Biscuit Snipe

Green Biscuit has been around a long time. We all know them for their terrific off-ice training puck, the Original Green Biscuit. However, in this Green Biscuit Snipe Review, we’re going to take a look at their Green Biscuit Snipe which is geared more towards those who want to practice not only their stickhandling off-ice, but their shot as well. Read on for our full Green Biscuit Snipe Review.

Design and Construction

The Green Biscuit Snipe is constructed with a two-piece design which helps to absorb vibrations on concrete or other off-ice surfaces where you might train. This setup helps to keep the puck flat and gliding across the surface smoothly. It is heavier at 5.2 ounces than the original Green Biscuit which is only 4.6 ounces, making it an ideal weight for practicing your shot. They’ve also included a rubber compound in the puck, rather than just using plastic, making it feel and act more like a real puck.


Let me start by saying how much I love my original Green Biscuit. I have owned and used it for around a decade, and it has held up incredibly well. That is really what intrigued me about the Green Biscuit Snipe. I was confident that I knew exactly what I was getting. Wow, was I wrong.

Right from the start, I was a bit disappointed that the brand new Green Biscuit Snipe wouldn’t glide across a smooth concrete surface as well as a ten year old Green Biscuit. I expected a similar amount of glide, and the added bonus of being able to shoot with it. Unfortunately, that just simply wasn’t the case. That’s certainly not a deal breaker though. My pace while running drills would be slower, but I could still finish it off with a shot if I wanted to.

Well, that idea wasn’t so great either. Incredibly enough, on my first shot with the new Green Biscuit Snipe, I rang one off the post. I didn’t think much of it at first, but after I started handling the puck again, something wasn’t right. I picked up the puck and noticed a huge dent in the side of it. I was in disbelief. If this puck is designed to be shot, it should be able to withstand hitting the post or crossbar without a flinch.

I tried to push forward using the puck more. After all, I was out there just to be able to put together my Green Biscuit Snipe review. It was not a good day, though. I ended up hitting another post or two and continued to damage my brand new Green Biscuit Snipe.

By the end of my skating session at the outdoor rink, I had basically dismissed the Green Biscuit Snipe and went on shooting and stickhandling with my other pucks. This included the original Green Biscuit, which even hit a post or two without even breaking or cracking.

Overall Impressions

At the end of the day, the Green Biscuit Snipe is just not a product I could recommend. I’m sure people have used it with more success, but getting destroyed on day one is just not okay in my book. My $10.99 spent to buy the puck could have been better spent elsewhere.

The only caveat to that may be that the Green Biscuit Snipe should be just fine for kids. Denting the puck likely won’t be an issue with kids who can’t shoot as hard, but it’s difficult to tell where you draw the line. Every childs shot is different, and one twelve year old might be able to do some damage where another one cannot.

Where to Buy?

If you’ve read through our Green Biscuit Snipe review and still want to take a chance on it, head over to our friends at Ice Warehouse. You can grab the Green Biscuit Snipe for $10.99 in either orange or green.

You can also grab a two-pack with one Original Green Biscuit and a Green Biscuit Snipe for only $17.99. This way, you still have a nice backup if your snipe ends up damaged like mine.

Click here to check out the Green Biscuit Snipe at Ice Warehouse!

If you’ve used the Green Biscuit Snipe, leave us a comment below. We would love to hear about your experiences with the puck!

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