Why the Panthers’ Win Against the Bolts Shows Promise

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The Florida Panthers are quickly rising as one of the top teams in the NHL in the 2021-22 season. The team has found its groove early in the run which means a lot for the team’s chances of making it to the Stanley Cup by the end of the season.

When the Cats scored a 4-1 win against the Tampa Bay Lightning, it was more of a shock for Florida’s side than the Bolts’. No one expected them to win, and the score was a little bit lopsided. This just proves how the Cats have built and improved their team over the past few seasons from outsider into one of the contenders this season.

The Cats have worked hard to revamp their roster and add more wins in the standings. The team won three games to start the season for the first time, and currently stand at 6-0. This means that they are far from the struggling Cats that the league has seen in the past.

While most of the live hockey odds were against the Cats, they proved everyone wrong with a big win against the two-time defending champs. This is a strong message that the team wants the rest of the league to know that they are ready for a big chase in the 2021-22 season.

The Panthers beat an elite team in the Bolts

The Cats scored a huge win against the Bolts – the defending league champions, the team who can crush some of the best teams in the league. This win against the Bolts is more than just a regular-season game. This is all about the Cats’ rise to the top of the NHL.

What makes it better for the Cats is the fact that they have a lot of players who were once seen as the pieces of a lottery team in the NHL. Players such as Spencer Knight, Anton Lundell, and Aleksander Barkov are all underrated in the game and yet they played a huge role in the win.

Knight picked up 30 saves to keep the Bolts at bay. Lundell scored his first NHL goal for the Cats and Barkov slotted one more goal to lead the way for the team. They were special in the win and fans can even say that they are the new hope for the Cats.

The Panthers have a pace to build from

The win is a good note for the team in the 2021-22 season. The Cats are known for their grit in the games and this shows a lot of potential from their roster. Their win against the Bolts can be the key to a strong run for the rest of the season.

Pace is a key factor for every team in the NHL. With a lot of games to play in the season, the Cats can use this win to rally on their success when they need it the most. Some teams slow down late in the season and but the Panthers are looking to stay consistent throughout.

Confidence is also won in this game against the Bolts. Every team needs to win to get a strong pace up and running. Not every side can win a string of games without being confident in what they can do to win.

If the Panthers can keep their hot pace going, fans can expect a top finish for the team by the end of the season. This gives them a bigger edge in the playoffs and most of the live hockey odds are surely going to be in their favor.

This win will be important to remember as the season goes on. They know that they can use their confidence here to keep on winning and eventually make a strong push for the Stanley Cup.

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