Manscaped Holiday Product

Top Grooming Gifts for Hockey Players

This post is sponsored by Manscaped. In exchange for this post, Manscaped sent us a collection of products to try out. Comment below if you’d like to see reviews on each individual product.

Manscaped Holiday Product

With the holiday season already upon us, it’s a great time to start looking at gifts for the hockey player. In this post, we’ll explore something a bit more outside the box and look at some of the top grooming gifts for hockey players this holiday season.

To start things off, you really cannot go wrong with a nice smelling cologne. Whether you’re coming to the rink, or leaving, you want to smell fresh. You can accomplish just that with the Refined Cologne. The scent is clean and fresh, designed for the refined man, and remains light yet masculine. It is formulated with hypoallergenic ingredients, and comes in a 50ml spray bottle. This makes it the perfect size to fit in a stocking.

Check out the Refined Cologne!

We all know hockey players can have sweaty and stinky feet. It’s hard to avoid when you’re wearing skates and sweating buckets at times. The Foot Duster foot deodorant can help reduce the stank of even the dirtiest feet. This formulation is vegan, cruelty-free, dye-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free so you know your hockey player is in good hands.

Check out the Foot Duster foot deodorant!

If you’re reading this, you very likely have a good understanding of what hockey players can smell like after a game. That’s why the Refined Body Wash would be the perfect addition to your hockey player’s hygiene routine! This body wash is hydrating and cologne-quality, infused with Aloe Vera and Sea Salt. There’s no excuse to avoid this one if you want to keep your hockey player clean.

Check out the Refined Body Wash

Typically you may pair a body wash with a loofah, but often times that just won’t do the trick, especially with hands that have been inside a stench filled pair of gloves. The Body Buffer will help solve that problem. Made from 100% antibacterial food-grade silicon, The Body Buffer is a premium body scrubber designed to deep clean and exfoliate your skin. It features an ergonomic no-slip handle, silicone lengthened, lather boosting bristles. If this can’t get the hockey stench off you, I’m not sure what will.

Check out The Body Buffer

Let’s be honest, that flow your hockey player has been working on deserves some love too. Especially considering the fact that the helmet never gets cleaned. The Manscaped 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner cleanses and nourishes in a single step with coconut water, green tea, aloe, turmeric, and sage, It’s naturally hydrating and features the same Refined scent found in their other products. You’ll have that salad smelling like a million bucks!

Check out the Refined Shampoo + Conditioner

Perhaps you’re interested in more than one item, or even a complete bundle of grooming essentials. If that’s the case, the Platinum Package 4.0 is the perfect setup. It’s a luxury full-body grooming set that features everything you or the hockey player in your life would need to stay fresh. This kit includes

  • The Lawn Mower 4.0 – Waterproof Electric Trimmer
  • Weed Whacker – Ear & Nose Hair Trimmer
  • 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner – Sea Kelp Infused
  • Body Wash – Aloe Infused Hydration
  • Deodorant – Aluminum Free
  • The Shed – Travel Bag
  • Manscaped Boxers – Anti-chafing boxers
  • And more!

If you really want to take care of your hockey player, this is definitely the setup to go for.

You can grab any of the grooming products mentioned above, by visiting our friends over at Manscaped. Get 20% off for the holidays + free shipping by going to






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