CCM FT Ghost Stick

Later this month, CCM Hockey will be expanding on their gear offering with the launch of the limited edition CCM FT Ghost stick.

The CCM FT Ghost stick is a unique and upgraded version of the FT line of sticks, with a few details that make it stand out.

First and foremost, you’ll notice the blacked out look of the CCM FT Ghost stick. The FT Ghost wording will pop a bit from the rest of the stick with an effect that is becoming a bit overdone in hockey where the coloring changes depending on the angle that you look at it.

The specs of the CCM FT Ghost stick are what make the product more unique. It’s based off the current top end FT6 Pro model, but with some enhancements that will make it a limited edition model.

The CCM FT Ghost stick will feature pro inspired construction, starting with the hybrid kickpoint that we’re familiar with. The FT Ghost will also feature the X-Soft Pro Blade, as well as a pro only “C” geometry. In terms of weight, the CCM FT Ghost will come in at only 365 grams, which is right on track with where the FT6 Pro weighs in as well.

Expect the CCM FT Ghost stick to drop in October. It will likely be available at select hockey retailers, as well as your favorite online hockey retailers.

Check out the CCM FT Ghost stick below and drop us a comment with your thoughts on CCM’s new limited edition twig!

CCM FT Ghost Stick

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