What Gear Does Connor Bedard Use?

The 2023-24 NHL season is finally upon us, and with that, we welcome another generational talent to the league. First overall pick in the 2023 NHL Entry Draft, Connor Bedard, has been a rising star in the hockey world for many years now. After being selected by the Chicago Blackhawks this past summer, Bedard made his NHL debut this week and has already picked up his first point on an assist, and his first NHL goal. The hype and early success around this teenage phenom has us all wondering, what hockey gear does Connor Beard use?

What Stick Does Connor Bedard Use?

Connor Bedard shocked the hockey world this past summer when it was announced that he would be partnering with Sherwood Hockey and using their products this season. Not that Sherwood isn’t a great company with quality products, but competing with the likes of Bauer, CCM, True, and Warrior, and coming out on top is quite an achievement. Sherwood must have quite a hit on their hands with their new stick, and with Bedard using it, they’ll surely move more units. To finally answer the question of what stick does Connor Bedard use, well, it’s the all new Sherwood Rekker Legend Pro stick.

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What Gloves Does Connor Beard Use?

Similar to his stick, Bedard is going with the new line from Sherwood for his gloves. The new Sherwood Rekker Legend Pro gloves help keep Bedard protected and dialed in out on the ice. The contoured fit of the Rekker line of gloves keeps them snug around the hand, making it ideal for playmakers and snipers alike.

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What Skates Does Connor Bedard Use?

Connor Bedard is as shifty, dynamic, and agile as they come. He’s incredibly elusive out on the ice, and these traits are driven in part by his use of the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2 skates. While the major brands may have lost out on signing Bedard as a rookie, Bauer was lucky enough to see the youngster lace up their skates for his inaugural season.

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What Helmet and Pants Does Connor Bedard Use?

Fortunately for CCM, they weren’t getting left off the map when it comes to gear Bedard uses. Bedard has chosen CCM for both his helmet and his pants, giving him a wide variety of brands out on the ice. When it comes to CCM, he must have appreciated the comfort provided by their helmet, while also enjoying the fit and flexibility of the CCM pants.

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When it comes to answering the often asked question of what gear does Connor Bedard use, we’ve learned there is no quick and easy answer. Bedard has found his home in Chicago using hockey gear from a variety of manufacturers, going with what works best for him as a player rather than perhaps who paid him the most money. We’ll keep an eye on this situation as his career progresses to see if Sherwood remains Connor Bedard’s stick of choice, or if he evolves and chooses a different brand in the future.

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